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We are Surgent

We are Surgent

Surgent Studios is more than just a production house.

It's a creative vehicle for powerful stories across various media from film and TV to games, podcasts and beyond. We're telling stories the way we want them to be told: starting with a rich storyworld from which individual narratives radiate in the medium and platform that suit them best.

Immerse, illuminate and inspire

Three principles guide us on our journey to create captivating stories that make you think differently and transform the way you see the world. Together, these pillars are the engine that drives us to create and explore all the thrilling facets of storytelling.

Our community

Hearing stories from different perspectives is important. We aim to deliver truly unique and breathtaking experiences but, more importantly, we want to build a team of effective and brilliant people who can execute our shared creative vision together. Our goal is to foster a community who supports not only the art we create, but also the artists behind it.


Our values


Our stories are an escape. We want you to embrace the unbeatable feeling of being completely engrossed and transported.


We’re driven to explore unique perspectives in search of what makes us all human, refusing to shy away from the issues that shape our world today.


We envision worlds in which anything is possible. Open and inviting, they create space for everyone to push through. This is how we embrace change.

Join our team

Do you share our values? Consider joining the team at Surgent and help us make our vision a reality.

Careers at Surgent
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Latest jobs

Latest jobs

Hiring talented, hard-working people and helping them thrive is critical to our success. When you join our team, we will empower you to unlock your potential so you can do your best work. We’d love to hear how you think you could make a difference here with us.

    Surgent Studios brings a pioneering philosophy to storytelling across film, television, games and emerging platforms.


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